Sunday, May 23, 2010

Variety is the Spice of Life in Texas Too

So we have a peacock that is one of our friendly neighbors who comes over to hang out. Today was the first time I saw him put on his show, flashing all his feathers in the big spread. They are amazing birds, and the variety of beauty in their feathers all over their body is a true picture of Awesome! He just follows me around outside, keeping a distance of about 3 feet and squawks for attention, or hopes of getting some sunflower snacks. I just love that feather thing he has on his head.
The beautiful garden is at Festival Hill in Round Top, Texas. This was taken about a month ago when I took my intern students out there for a tour. There isn't much in Round Top, Texas except 2 times a year when they have miles of antiques and flea market stuff for sale. Now that IS AN EVENT!!
I have been fascinated with the plan of nature and re-producing itself. I had the milk thistle pictures earlier and now the poppies. I want earrings that look like these little shrines. The seeds get tossed out of the little openings around the top, just under the umbrella part. So as the wind blows it shakes out the seeds. So Cool !!!!
Gotta have boots, and are there boots to pick from, how does a girl decide????

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